Acorn Music Studios

Acorn Music Studios was created from a desire to teach music in a new, fun and refreshing way.  Students are taught piano skills and techniques with music that is fun and popular.  Combining classical piano training with newly updated teaching tools allow students to experience quicker results. We use updated method books and current technology, such as the I-Pad and Phone apps, to aid students in their piano journey. Expressing creativity is encouraged and students are motivated to compose their own music with instructive tools and guidance.  


I have been playing the piano since the age of 5, being involved at many levels as performer, accompanist, Choir director, Worship Leader, and music teacher for over 30 years. Along with teaching music and managing Acorn Music Studios, I  love to accompany local high school chorale and drama departments and help musicians and singers prepare for auditions. 

As a performer, I am best known for my sight-reading capabilities, and ability to capture the idea of a song and play/compose accompaniment to it. My deep passion for music comes through when I’m playing a song -- the notes aren’t just technically correct, but I love to make a song come to life. As an accompanist, my strengths are in the ability to follow any level of performer, and the ability to be given music “at the last minute” to play for individuals or as a part of a band or music ensemble.

As a teacher, I strive to make my students comfortable and confident in their piano playing while striving to bring out the best in them and creating a fun experience. I am a firm believer that piano lessons can be a positive experience if a student is willing to put the time in needed to learn the "language" of music. 

I am the most passionate about giving opportunity to anyone desiring to learn the piano. Not everyone will be a virtuoso, but I believe everyone can learn enough to find enjoyment and accomplishment. I am equally as passionate about sharing this gift of music and I endeavor to find ways to share what I do with as many as I can, bringing the joy of music into their lives for a brief moment. This is a philosophy I encourage each of my students to follow as well.